How to Start a Dairy Free Diet

Removing diary from the diet is a simple way to start losing weight. Many people are naturally sensitive to dairy products and experience gas and discomfort. People who are not lactose intolerant are often surprised that they lose weight by simply letting go of dairy from their diet. Some people truly believe that they need the calcium found in dairy products to thrive. Dairy products are not a mandatory food item for a healthy diet. Calcium is more absorbable by the body through plant based sources. Here are a few tips for starting a dairy free diet.

Start by removing dairy products from the refrigerator at home. Let go of milk, cheese, whip cream, and any other dairy based products. Choose dairy free milks that are made of almond, soy, hemp, or rice. These milks are delicious when chilled and used in cereal and in drink recipes. Flavored milks provide sweetness and do not require additional sweeteners that add empty calories to the beverages. Coconut cream found within canned coconut milk is an excellent substitute for cream based soups.

Take time to find dairy free substitutes that work well for a particular beverage. Test coconut creamer or soy milk creamer for coffee or tea served in the morning. Instead of using traditional dairy cheese consider using veggie cheese. This cheese is completely plant based and is available within the organic sections of most grocery stores. Dairy free cheese does melt and can be used in casseroles, sandwiches, or over salads. Use these tips to successfully start a dairy free diet.

Article provided by Paleo Forever