Let DIM do all the work

activamune2In the fight against cancer, a small green vegetable has gained a lot of importance. This is because the vegetable containsDIM – a compound which boosts the immune system and hasdirect anti-cancer properties. This astounding vegetable is none other than the infamous Broccoli.

Yes, the most hated of all vegetables from your childhood is back to haunt you; and it proves once again, that “Mom knows best”. Researchers made this discovery a few years ago and have been analyzing it ever since. DIM or Diindolylmethane as researchers call it is a naturally occurring compound in cruciferous vegetables.

What are cruciferous vegetables? Think cabbage, kale, cauliflower, bokchoy, horseradish, turnip root and rutabaga and you start to get the picture. For a full list of cruciferous vegetables, do a little digging online.Including these vegetables as part of your Cancer Prevention Diet will decrease your chances of getting cancer and especially lung cancer.

However, it is not a cure. So you should cut down on, or better yet, quit all the other cancer causing habits you have. Basically this means, quit smoking. Although broccoli and it’s family can help reduce the risk, it will only be effective as the help you give it. Not only does quitting smoking dramatically reduce your chances of getting cancer but improves a lot of other defenses and beneficial systems in your body.

As always, contact a dietician or a doctor before you go on a diet, their advice to you is very important.