Maintain your brain health for better results

As we get old, our brain starting to age with us. Given the rapid escalation of brain related impairments with the age, maintaining the brain health is important. What can you do to keep your brain functioning at its optimum?

Blood pressure plays a major role in your brain health. Cognitive functions of the brain are impacted by your blood pressure and it should be maintained at recommended levels by your healthcare specialist based on your age and other health conditions.

Exercises and engaging the brain with brain promoting activities are also important to maintain brain health. Exercises are an important part of brain health and experts suggest exercising at least 30 minute a day four to five days a week. Stimulating the brain to keep it sharp and engaged can be achieved through travel, meeting friends, playing games most importantly games that engage the brain and other activities. Some find it helpful to meditate for few minutes every day. Meditation involves focusing on one thing at a time and it helps to focus and calm the brain activity. It is also good training for your brain because you are constantly trying to block out outside interference when you are meditating.