Maintaining Good Brain Health

Maintaining-good-brain-healthAs we age, our cognitive capabilities tend to diminish too. Have you ever lose your keys or forgot where you parked your car? It may be time to look into your brain health.

One way you can improve your brain function is by reducing health risks. If you are diabetic or overweight, you are increasing the risk of damaging your brain power. While practicing good health you will also reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes. Cut down in your sugar intake. Higher blood sugar levels interfere with your memory.

Your diet and exercises are also important to maintain good brain health. Diet rich in Vitamin E and folic acid could reduce the risk of dementia. Eating more olive oil, nuts, dark leafy greens and avocado will help you to boost Vitamin E and folic acid in your body.

Cardiovascular exercise will increase blood flow to the brain. A 40 minute workout three times a week will increase the brain volume resulting in increased attention and memory function of the brain.

Any feelings of depression could affect the cognitive functions of the brain. High level of stress could increase the chemical known as cortisol in the brain affecting learning and memory functions of the brain.

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