Maintaining your brain health is important as you get older

Guest post is provided by Cellan Diet. A compound known as EGCG found in green tea is helping the aging population to maintain and repair lost brain cells. Cellan Diet contains 100 percent green tea extract.

Many studies confirm that EGCG is effective in supporting cognitive functions of the brain. EGCG rich green tea helps to generate new brain cells we lose as we get older. Caffeine contained in green tea also stimulates the central nervous system. Recent research also supports new body of findings that EGCG also effective as an antioxidant, contain anti-inflammatory properties and chemo preventive qualities. Overall green tea makes your thinking more clear. This is good news for aging population that is faced with age-related degenerative diseases, especially associated with brain functions.

Our brain is made of a dense mass of neurons. They do die as we get older but can be regenerated through natural process. However, for the growth and maintenance of neurons, protein elements such as EGCG are essential. EGCG is found in abundance in green tea. That’s why Cellan Diet use 100 percent green tea extract in its supplement as one of its key ingredient to give you the maximum possible dose of EGCG.