Maybe you should keep those skin blemishes?

Noticed those dark spots on your skin now in your 30’s? Back in school we were all about going to the tanning beds and to the beach with our friends to get that golden glow but then something happened.  Our skin started to rebel and show signs of aging.  What the heck?

That is why women turned in masses to skin-lightening and fade creams to erase those troublesome areas. But the treatments may up doing more harm than good.

Serious health problems linked to the misuse of these do-it-yourself creams are flashing red lights for dermatologists, one of those lightening agents or bleaching agents used most commonly on the market is an ingredient called hydroquinone.

This toxic chemical is banned in parts of the United Kingdom but low doses are legal in fade creams sold in the United States where it’s most often used by women over 35 to decrease dark spots.  It’s been proven that long-term misuse of a lightening cream with topical steroids can lead to hypertension, thinning skin, elevated blood sugar, or stretch marks.


Some creams from overseas available on the internet use mercury WITHOUT labeling it too. Remember, just because the lotion/cream says it’s safe for skin doesn’t always mean safe for your face, which is more sensitive.


How about those “at home” remedies touted by thousands of YouTube videos? You might should consult your dermatologist before self-diagnosing or trying to do these, because it really is important to understand the dangers that you’re under when you’re using these various ingredients.