Pilates to tone muscles and strengthen your body

Article Written by Weight Gone Now


Pilates bring many benefits to a human body. It is not limited to one gender or one age group. It can be practiced by anyone who desires to stay fit and healthy. What are the real benefits of Pilates?

  • Pilates strengthen the core of the body. This exercise program is aimed at the whole body not individual parts of the body. The core of the body includes muscles in the back area and the area around the stomach. Aiming these areas by Pilates naturally strengthen the core.
  • Development of posture is one other aspect of Pilates. Due to exercising of the back muscles, Pilates help to address back pain and other problems associated with that area. Pilates require proper practice of sitting and standing that leads to enhancing posture.
  • Pilates involves both mind and the body and therefore, help to improve mental and physical connectivity. Proper breathing and focusing are essential elements of Pilates. When the mind and the body in control, it is easier to manage daily activities.
  • Pilates helps to tone muscles. Pilates work with all muscle groups in the body. When practiced properly, Pilates help to reduce the bulkiness of the muscles leading to weight loss and develop strength.