Potassium Deficiency

Experiencing low potassium can bring on symptoms such as diarrhea and high blood pressure. If so have a look at a Potassium Rich Foods list. The medical term for potassium deficiency is hypokalemia. This can be extremely serious at times so it is crucial that you have the right amount of potassium in your body. Potassium is a mineral which assists our bodies to feel healthy each day. It is important to understand that the majority of potassium within your body is contained within the cells of the body. It is found an extremely small quantity with about 2% of the total potassium is found outside the cells. Potassium is needed for your body and orders for certain parts to function correctly such as cardiovascular, muscular, and nerve transmission.

When it comes to increasing potassium levels, a popular food choice are Bananas. Most people worry about how many calories in a banana, due to the high amount of sugar. But the thing is when it comes to calories banana is not bad at all due to the high fiber content.

Potassium is a natural diuretic that becomes absorbed in your body and then about 90% of the potassium is excreted from your body after having a bowel movement or urinating. Potassium deficiency is a medical term that describes how your body does not keep the proper amount of potassium that is needed for daily functioning. This is potassium deficiency may prove to be fatal because it has an important role in how our body functions. The normal level of potassium in your body should be somewhere between 3.6 through 5.2 mmol per liter. However, when your levels of potassium are low 2.5 mmol per liter, this is considered very low and does require immediate medical attention. Once your body has the proper amounts of potassium, it will improve your overall health and allow your body functions to work the way they are supposed to.


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