Simple Exercising

Many Americans don’t get enough of the physical activity that they need to stay healthy and happy.  Unfortunately, not everyone has time to stop by the gym after work to get in a few reps or can step away from their everyday lives for a few weeks to attend one of the fitness boot camps in Los Angeles. However, just because you can’t always find time to squeeze in a full-fledged workout doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to get in some healthy physical activities to get you blood pumping and calories burning. Here are some tips for activities you can do in your everyday life — no weight loss vacation needed.

*Use the commercial breaks on your favorite TV shows to get in a few lunges or sit ups. Why not get the rest of the family in on the action?
* Instead of getting the kid across the street to mow your lawn, do it yourself. You’ll save a few bucks and burn a few hundred calories.
* Clean up! If you’ve got clutter on the floor, bend at the knee to pick it up. Maybe you’ll find some change to help save up for those weight loss camps for women and men you’ve been considering.
* Take the stairs! Use the bathroom the next floor up instead of the closest one.