Synthetic RNA and DNA Will Change Everything

If you stop and look around, the future really is now. Besides the prevalence of the internet and the user-friendly technology the world uses to access it, there are a myriad of other scientific advances making headway every day. Synthetic RNA and synthetic DNA are just two examples.

Scientists have managed to create the building blocks of life, DNA and RNA, from scratch. This is important for a number of reasons, one of which is that the DNA and RNA can be used to pass on information to the next generation. Not only does this mean that scientists could effectively expedite evolution, it means they could also reverse-engineer it to find out how evolution worked in the first place. The theory, in its totality, could finally be explained and put to practical use going forward.

The fascinating thing is scientists actually found a natural enzyme to assist with this process. Polymerase is able to essentially transcribe the information from the synthetic DNA to actual, natural DNA and vice versa. This is a huge discovery with untold potential.

With discoveries like this taking place, the future is an exciting time to look forward to. Building DNA with a specific purpose and being able to pass that DNA on to an animal, especially a human, could have far-reaching possibilities we can’t even consider yet.


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