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Briton, five Germans charged with running doping lab

A British man and five Germans have been charged with producing significant amounts of doping substances for athletes in an underground laboratory and distributing the drugs across Germany, prosecutors said on Tuesday. The Munich prosecutors say a 45-year-old British national has been running an underground laboratory in Waldkraiburg, near Munich, since 2009. Purchasing the required substances in countries outside Europe, he sold the drugs online to customers across Germany, earning about 120,000 euros ($130,000), the indictment said.

Teen contraband cigarette use linked to other drugs

By Kathryn Doyle Reuters Health – Compared to those who don’t smoke illicit tobacco, kids who do are more likely to try other illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin and amphetamines, according to a recent Canadian study. The researchers used survey data from one point in time, so they can’t say that smoking illegal cigarettes leads to drug use, only that the two often coincide and that’s enough to warrant stronger tobacco control policies. “The concern for us is that contraband tobacco may be a gateway to other drugs, but we cannot infer causality,” said coauthor Mesbah F. …