The best foods to eat before during and after your workout

What to have in the morning.

In the morning stick to leaving 2-3 hours before your workout. You should have a good full breakfast to fuel your exercise. You can get away with 1-2 hours if you have a lighter breakfast. However tempted you might be – do not skip lunch it can make you feel ill, sluggish and light headed. If you skip breakfast make sure you have an energy drink or breakfast bar instead.

For Breakfast:
wholegrain bread, healthy cereals, fruit (but not dried fruit), low sugar breakfast bars, general wholegrain foods,

Daytime Snacks.

Keep to snacks that are under 10 grams if you can. Low calorie snacks are good too if they contain low sugar and fat as well.

If snacking stick to: breakfast and sports bars, healthy low sugar and salt cereal, fruits, wholegrain foods. You can get healthy snacks in most health food places or from farm shop wholesalers.

After You Workout:

You should eat a meal that is high in protein, this will help your muscles repair and help your recovery. Even if you are tempted to not eat anything your body needs to repair itself so make sure you have a healthy meal. Try and pick a meal low in salt and bad fats but high in protein and try and include some fresh veg.

Good Post workout foods: Chicken, steak, vegetables, or other high protein foods.
Snacks Post exercise:nuts, dried fruits, peanut butter.

Even if you do not feel hungry you should still try and eat. Failing that, try and have a sports nutrition drink or something to give yourself energy and what your body needs after a good workout.

Stick with what works for you.

Adjust anything that you need to, if things make you sluggish and tired then take them out of your diet, if something is making you hyper also try and cut it out. During any workout also make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

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