Three Benefits of Diindolylmethane


Dubbed by scientists and doctors as one of the most versatile compounds in molecular biology, DIM was recently discovered by scientists at UC Berkeley, and has been patented for its beneficial properties in fighting cancer and a wide range of viral and bacterial diseases.

But there’s no doubt that a lot of groundwork has to be covered before doctors realize the full potential of this compound. However, there’s been a buzz around this compound ever since it was released, due to the benefits that it offers patients and health-conscious folk around the world.

Here are three benefits of the compound Diindolylmethane:

Benefit #1: Immune modulating properties

Due to this compound’s ability to boost the immune system and thus protect from a variety of viral and bacterial diseases, it has been considered to be the most versatile compound ever found in molecular biology. The immune system does not make any distinctions between diseases, and in being strong enough, it can destroy any kind of disease, whether it is cancer, AIDS, or other common diseases.

Benefit #2: Anti-Cancer properties

Not only is this compound an excellent cancer prevention diet, but is also being used for its direct anti-cancer properties in the cure of cancer along with Taxol, its conventional cure. The National Cancer Institute is also currently testing this compound to find an alternative method of treatment for all forms of cancer. To say the least, it is one of the most important compounds known to man that can directly impact cancer.

Benefit #3: Anti-Inflammatory properties

Cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and diabetes are some diseases that cause uncontrolled Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta activity (a pro-inflammatory protein). This compound is currently being tested to check as to whether this inflammation can be inhibited or not.


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