Tips to Remove Dental Plaque

Failure to brush teeth properly destroys enamel, causing plaque to build. Failure to remove plaque creates bigger issues such as cavities, infections, pain, and tooth loss. Brushing teeth twice a day is critical. Don’t forget to floss, use mouthwash, and brush hard-to-reach areas. Since most know about oral health, your Covina dental office provides other suggestions to assist in eliminating plaque and building enamel.

• Drop medium or hard toothbrush bristles and aim for soft bristles. Medium and hard bristles won’t clean teeth any better than soft versions. In fact, both bristles tear the gum line and expose nerves. Soft bristles clean teeth while being gentle to gums. A Glendora Ca dental office recommends electronic-powered toothbrushes. These models eliminate plaque well.
• Pick fluoride and tartar-control toothpaste. Fluoride repairs enamel. Tartar-control lessens plaque and tartar buildup.
• Cut out or reduce enamel-destroying and plaque-building foods. Sugary treats and sugar-filled drinks tear down enamel and cause cavities. Coffee builds plaque.
• Cut our or reduce smoking. Smoking creates yellow-looking teeth. Those yellow-looking teeth are plaque buildup, and it will continue to build unless you do something about it.

As always, schedule an appointment with your dental physician. Regular checkups are vital in oral health, and it goes a long way toward dental plaque elimination. Visit dentists in San Dimas Ca for professional cleaning, dental checkups, treatments/prevention, and for more information.
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