Top Myths About Contact Lenses You Might Not Know

Summary: There are several myths surrounding contact lenses that turn people off from buying them. This article is aimed to debunk some of the most common myths.

If you are worried about wearing contact lenses for the first time, you shouldn’t be. Here are some common myths that showcase why contacts aren’t anything to be afraid of.

First off, there are several myths surrounding contact lenses, many of which affect people to the point of not purchasing them. All it takes is good hygiene and taking care of your lenses for a trouble-free and effortless time.

They Cost Too Much

This is actually untrue. There are various retailers that sell low-cost contact lenses that people can afford. It takes time to shop around and compare prices, but it definitely pays off in the end – no pun intended.

You Have to Purchase Contacts from Your Optician

This is also untrue. Once you get your contact lenses fitted, you are not obligated to purchase your contacts from your optician directly. However, your optician must provide you with a prescription. Once you have this, you can then proceed to purchase contact lenses from wherever you would like – even online retailers.

You Cannot Wear Contact Lenses

Because of technological advancements, almost anyone can wear contact lenses today. With so many different options available to you, there’s sure to be a pair of contact lens that will comfortable fit your eye and provide the vision correction you need to live comfortably. If you happen to be astigmatic and suffer from presbyopia, there are also lenses that can be found to correct this. If you have questions, it’s important you consult with your optician for more details.

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