Using Polyurethane Foam to Increase Back Support

In today’s world, people spend a great deal of time sitting and lying down. A lack of proper back support in these situations can lead to tension, pain, and even injury. Polyurethane foam from Canada can provide additional back support for chairs, couches, and beds, relieving users of common back problems and discomfort.

Within the home, many people spend a significant portion of their day sitting on couches, desk chairs, dining chairs, and other seats which can all be made more comfortable with the addition of foam cushioning. Oval bolsters are tubular forms of foam that come in several different sizes. They can be placed anywhere behind the back to provide the extra support the user requires. The extra inch of width added at one end ensures the bolster stays in place and provides a more comfortable support than a perfect cylinder.

Polyurethane foam sheets can be used as cushions behind the back or on top of the seat of any chair. These can be especially useful in an office setting. People who work at desks often stay seated for the majority of their work day. This can be very damaging to the back due to a low quality chair, a desk that isn’t the correct height, or other ergonomic issues. A foam cushion or chair pad can provide much needed support to avoid back health issues.

These cushions come in different materials such as memory foam or egg crate foam. Their covers are available in a variety of colors and fabrics, some of which are removable to make cleaning easier. Cushions and chair pads can also be very helpful to those with disabilities. For example, people who rely on the use of wheelchairs can benefit from the extra comfort and support foam cushions provide.

Low quality or worn out mattresses can often cause various back issues. A lack of proper support causes strain and tension in the spine and muscles, which can lead to other health issues as well. People can find the additional back support they need from flexible polyurethane foam products like oval bolsters and foam wedges.

Oval bolsters can be used under the back, neck, or knees while lying down, and foam wedges provide comfort and support to users when placed under the back. These and other polyurethane foam products are great options for creating more comfort and back support for people while sitting and lying down.
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